Blackheart (evilbydesign) wrote in stdympna_rp,

Counseling Session with Dr. Andrew Bittermen

He didn't like it and he made it known to the nurse that was escorting him to whoever this Dr. Andrew Bittermen fellow was. If he had his way, if he had any bone left in his body with power, he would be going to Hell that's what the man would be doing and he murmured this as he walked along, eyes narrowed fruitlessly and body rigid and when the door opened, it didn't make it any better.

It was white, granted he was pretty pale, but at least he had tint to him, this room was nearly blinding to him with how pure it felt and it made him feel very, very uncomfortable. In his mind he wondered if this was a joke and he was in heaven, but he knew heaven could never be this organized. Closing his eyes for a moment, he knew whatever was working its way through and out of his system was not agreeing with him and standing was making him feel ill.

So in the case when the nurse led him to a chair and sat him down, he didn't complain, just slowly opened his gaze and turned it to out the window, where the snow was still falling.
Tags: counseling session, day 001, dr. bitterman
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