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The Mods of St. Dympna

Intercom:November 1st; Day:001

The intercom buzzed to life, interrupting the counseling sessions no matter how far along they might or might no be. The voice of the head doctor cheerfully filling everyone's ears.

"Hello everyone~ I am sorry that things have seemed boring today with the snowfall and various delays, but hopefully dinner will be a lot more fun. We are having a wide variety tonight so you all can pick something delicious!" He turned the page as he read off the menu.

"For drinks, you all can have one soda, along with juice, tea, milk and punch. And as you all should know, it is the bottomless juice box so to speak!" He laughed pleasantly as he read off the main course. "Then, for your entrée you can pick from Chicken Enchilada, Chicken Style Curry, Eggplant Parmesan or Breaded Skallops! A light meal so to speak but with lots of flavor. For your veggies you can have Glazed Carrots, Breaded Eggplant, Navy Beans-I am guessing we got an over large shipment of eggplants in huh?"

The sound of the page turning as he wrote down a note about getting less eggplants next time.

"For soup to warm your bones, you can pick from Sotanghon or Potato soup. And finally for desert there is Carrot Cake, Double Chocolate Cake and Banana Cream Pie! Also, today because everyone was on great behavior, except for one gentleman who knows who he is, gets a ticket for the after dinner treat! For those of you who do not know what those are, they are a ticket that allows you to get a special treat either tonight-or if you save it- or with breakfast! You give it to the nurse helping at the end of the line and you can pick from Carob Cocoa OR Spiced Warm Milk! Doesn't that sound yummy? Well~ I shall talk to you all soon! Tata!"

MOD NOTE: SORRY FOR THE EPIC FAILURE GUYS. We seriously did not expect life to come and pound on us the way it did- so to show how sorry we are, we want YOU thats right you, to suggest an event you might like to see for the next day/night shift considering we are not going to do a night shift tonight.

Do you want humor? Extreme horror? METEOR? Tell us please! Now, one mod will BE BACK 99% POSITIVE TOMORROW NIGHT. The other will be back this week. So, hopefully we can get everything going again. Also, we want you to tell us what you might like us to do incase we have a synchronized failure again like this.

We are sorry for all of this!

EDIT ONE: People who are stuck in arrival? You're free to come to the cafeteria. We will backlog everything with you guys.

Counseling peeps? It ended short, y'all can say an emergency happened.
So, someone please make the dinner shift post like 'Dinner: Date November 1st; Day: 001'

Also, Farf, you're the one who didn't get a magic snack ticket.
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