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St. Dympna Mental Hospital
You have to know the past to understand the present
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St. Dympna
The intercom buzzed to life as a female voice took over the intercom today. "Hello, due to a small incident in the kitchens Dr. Darcie will not be able to attend to the intercom right now and we are sorry that the meal is starting a bit late. To make up for it all the doctors will be having snacks in their counseling rooms. But, I now should read off the Menu." the sounds of shuffling papers. "To drink, there is milk, juice, fruit punch and hot tea. For the main course there is Tofu and black beans, cheese, pepperoni or vegetable pizza, chili dogs and macaroni and cheese. For vegetable choices there are broccoli, corn, and Spanish lentils." she flipped over the menu to read the rest. "There are chili bean noodle and broccoli cheese soup. Then for desert we have white cake with fudge, assorted cheesecakes with toppings and cherry pie. Good Day."

Dr. Simon Darcie looked up from his spot in the kitchen, adding small pieces of fudge on the white cake and frowned. "Nuuuuurse, you didn't make it sound delicious." he whined at the intercom as the head cook of the kitchens gave him a hit on the back of his head.

"Dr. Darcie. Back to the cakes, the patients will be in any moment."

Mod Note: Well, once again the meal is starting a bit late, due to me waiting to see if we get some more apps in/for both mods to talk over the apps that did come in. Sorry for the delay! I promise to make it up to y'all!

Sonne: Farf can come out of isolation now; he will be watched closely and probably sedated if he steps out of line a little.

Players: Someone please make the lunch post. The subject will read like 'Lunch: Date November 1st; Day: 001'
4th-Nov-2008 11:54 am - Sunroom: Date November 1st; Day: 001
Sleep hadn't been what he needed sadly and when he had been roused by the sound of the rather loud and obnoxious tone of the man speaking as if he was shouting into his ear, Blackheart had not only found himself awaking to drowsy confusion but also the wave of irritability that rushed through him. Before he could gather his senses a man with a smiling face was stepping through his door and urging him out and it became obvious that the sedatives had indeed not lost their effect when he could not right himself on his feet.

He felt rather silly, or maybe not, as he was lead out of his room and down a series of hallways. Like a child, that's how it had to feel, like a small and unknowing innocent and for some bizarre reason there was not much he could do about it. He had no fight, he had no will of his own.

The room he was brought to nearly blinded him, the white of the thick snow on the outside world and as it feel from the gray skies above caused him to wince and bring a hand up to cover his gaze, grumbling something inaudible even to his own ears. He felt his body being led around before being forced down ever so kindly upon a soft surface.

Unaware of the couch, unaware of the others being brought in, unaware completely.

He kept his eyes closed.
The Intercom (Sorry I gotta be forboding
While people were finishing up their meal or just relaxing in the various methods St.Dympna's offer to its patients, the intercom buzzed to life. The friendly voice of Doctor Simon Darcie filled the ears of everyone no matter what state they were in.

"Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed brekkie, I know I sure did. The cooks in the kitchen out did themselves as normal. The biscuits and gravy were just like how Mom use to make, I dare say!" He let out a pleased chuckle before his voice becomes somewhat serious.

"I know a good number of you were wanting to have group right now, but sadly due to the snowstorm that hit last night our Group doctors have been delayed or have to stay at home to take care of kiddos that couldn't go to school, so everyone it will just be the Sunroom right now!" he tapped on the desk, trying to think of something to make it better for everyone. "But, to make it better, I am sure Nurse Abigail and Nurse Jimmy will be more than happy to bring you all some supplies from the art room or a few books from the library if you ask."

Nurse Abigail, who was resting in the cafeteria sighed to herself considering today had started a bit rough and didn't want to be a gopher, but Nurse Jimmy who was currently making the beds for a few patients who had just left to go on to live normal lives cheered. He hated cleaning up messes.

Mod Note: Because we don't have a lot of patients right now, we are going to do just the Sunroom this shift, hopefully by next shift we will have more people in! Will a player please make the Sunroom post? The format for the subject will be 'Sunroom: Date November 1st; Day: 001' Thank you in advance, if you have any questions please ask us and have fun!
Doujinshi || MISS THE WINTER
Daisya was led into the cafeteria where the scent of warm food overwhelmed him, but he liked it. He was very hungry so he accepted almost anything that was put onto his tray as he was led to a table and sat down.

The nurse smiled at him and told him if he needed any help to just come and get her. He scanned the area as he cut up the French toast with the plastic silverware and swirled it in some syrup. As the sedation started to wear off did he really start to think.

"Wait a tic..." he said to himself but loud enough for people to comment. "Where the hell am I?!"
The Intercom (Sorry I gotta be forboding
All over the hospital as patients are slowly woken up by either alarm clocks they were able to get or by the gentle hand of a nurse the intercom buzzed to life.

"Hello, Dr. Darcie here." it was the very pleasant voice of the Head Doctor. "I am sorry but we had a power outage last night for about an hour and thus it seems we all will be a bit behind today!" he laughed as he took a sip of his cocoa. "It is snowing very heavily out today, so sadly we can't go out like I wish we could have, but at least we all have a nice warm breakfast waiting for us, right? Right!"

The sound of rustling papers as he looked at the menu. "Today we have a wide variety of choices! For the main dish, we have the choices of Pancakes with plenty of syrup and butter if you like those, Cereal, Gravy and Biscuits or just the Biscuits if you're just craving some warm fluffy goodness and jam, and French Toast! Doesn't that sound most delicious?" he laughed, "With all the sweetness being offered we have a lot of things to balance it out, bacon for one, eggs prepared how you like, sausage and if the meat and eggs don't please you some, cheddar cheese cubes."

A nurse came into the office and said something inaduible. "Now don't worry, I'll be sure to check them in also! Now, back to talking about Brekkie!" his voice almost seemed like he was having fun just reading off the menu. "For fruit we have; apples, oranges, mango halves or a Banana with hot cocoa , hot tea, milk in the chocolate, white or strawberry or strawberry flavors, and can 'white' be considered a flavor? Nurse, please find that out for me and
Juices in Apple-Carrot, Orange, Pomegranate flavors!" the nurse could be heard sighing.

"Now, if any of you have any special requests please tell a nurse or your doctor or myself if you happen to see me and we will do our best to make it all good! Have a great day and keep warm!"

Mod Note: A player can make the breakfast post. I will link it to the arrival post ASAP.
St. Dympna
A blink, a breath, a few seconds; that is how long it took for your life to change. You were doing something else, but now you feel like you are waking up from a dream of the events only moments ago. You shift a little, and then you hear it.

"Hello, are you here as a visitor or checking in?" the voice was light and airy, soft and warm. You rub at your eyes with your free hand as your other is holding on tightly to what seems like a comfort object. You hear another voice start talking about you, about things you know you have never done and about things you have. But the things you have done are being talked about as if you were just pretending. 'Delusions', 'Repressed Memories', 'Another...' another you.

You want to respond, but you're taken by the hand and lead up some stairs to a comfortable looking room. Where is your fight at?

"I'm sorry that they got so much sedative in them, most ERs usually do better than that." The nurse says as she starts to unpack a suitcase as you look at the people who brought you here. You don't know them; yet somehow you do. Something deep down inside of you like a memory from a dream. One of them hug you,

"It will be alright." they say, "We love you and will come as much as we can, alright?"

You just nod dumbly as you sit down on the bed and they wave goodbye to you while tears stream down their faces.

The nurse smiles at you. "Now dear," she says, "Do you want to take a quick nap before you head to dinner?"

MOD NOTE: Alright, you can RP some here with a nurse or you can head directly to the DINNER and start to meet your fellow captives patients.
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